Caroline County has been divided into two Congressional Districts, the First and the Seventh, for the past ten years. The Department of Justice has approved the General Assembly’s new redistricting plan for the Congressional districts using the 2010 census information. This approval moves Caroline County into one Congressional District, the First District. Robert J. Wittman is the current representative for the First Congressional District of Virginia.

What does this change mean for the voters of the Seventh District located in Caroline County? They will be receiving new voter cards issued from the State Board of Elections. The current Seventh Congressional District in Caroline County consists of the following local voting Districts/Precincts:

  • MADISON DISTRICT: 201- North Madison and 202- South Madison both precincts voting at the Caroline Diversified Learning Center, (old Ladysmith Elementary School).
  • REEDY CHURCH DISTRICT: 401- Dawn precinct- voting at Dawn Progressive Center; 402- Carmel Church precinct- voting at Caroline Visitor Center.
  • WESTERN CAROLINE DISTRICT: 601- Chilesburg precinct voting at Rehoboth United Methodist Church and 602- Lake precinct voting at Countyline Baptist Church.

Check your current voter card for the voting location and if it is one of the locations listed above you will get a new card. Your voting location will not change, only your Congressional representative changes.

If you did not receive a new voter card when redistricting changes were made in 2011 that means the voter registrar does not have your current mailing address on file. Some people moved, stopped using a post office box or started using a post office box in the last few years but the voter registrar's office was not notified. Nearly 1700 returned voter cards have been processed as a result of redistricting. Each returned voter card was marked as needing address confirmation. The State Board of Elections sent out confirmation notices to those voters using the current mailing addresses provided by the post office. Approximately 1100 of those confirmation notices were also returned and have been processed as undeliverable. These voters will have INACTIVE by their name on the pollbook. The voter will need to fill out a voter application at the polls on Election Day or notify the office of the voter registrar before the election to update their record. Updating their information will protect the voters from being purged next year.

The State Board of Elections projects sending out the new voter cards May 1, 2012, if you do not receive a new voter card, please contact the office of the Voter Registrar. The office is located at 212 N. Main St in Bowling Green. The phone number is 804-633-9083 and the mailing address if you choose to send a voter registration application to the office is PO Box 304, Bowling Green, VA 22427.